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Macarthur Spasticity Services

Providing patient-centred spasticity management tailored to individual patient goals.

Spasticity is a condition of increased muscle tightness following damage to the central nervous system (brain or spinal cord). Spasticity is a complex condition and can can lead to multiple issues including pain and disability. Early effective treatment of spasticity is crucial to prevent serious complications such as irreversible joint contracture formation.

The Macarthur Spasticity Service is a specialist private clinic run by rehabilitation medicine physicians who work closely with local therapists to provide specialised interdisciplinary management of spasticity.

Our doctors will ask questions and listen to any concerns you may have. Our aim is to provide a patient-centred holistic, rehabilitation approach to spasticity management, with management tailored to individual patient goals.

Conditions associated with spasticity that we commonly treat include:

– Stroke,
– Acquired brain injury (including traumatic brain injury),
– Multiple sclerosis,
– Spinal cord injury, and
– Cerebral palsy and other congenital conditions

We provide a comprehensive management plan of spasticity which can include:

– Therapeutic exercise prescriptions
– Orthotic interventions
– Oral medication management, and
– Botulinum toxin injection – ultrasound and neurostimulator guidance available

We are able to provide specialist medical reports and recommendations to the NDIS for therapy programs, specialised equipment and orthotics.

*Please note: we are an adult service and do not provide treatment to paediatric patients, but we can assist with patients transitioning from paediatric to adult services

Our Spasticity Specialists

Dr Myles Kwa


Dr Myles Kwa is a Rehabilitation Medicine Consultant Physician and Spasticity Specialist. Dr Kwa has trained in all areas of rehabilitation medicine and has extensive training and experience in spasticity management, having trained in multiple large spasticity clinics in Northern and Western Sydney.

Dr Kwa is proficient with the use of botulinum toxin injections for the management of focal spasticity and utilises both ultrasound and neurostimulator guidance.

Dr Tuan-Anh Nguyen


Dr Tuan-Anh Nguyen is a rehabilitation medicine consultant physician who has been providing rehabilitation services in the South Western Sydney region since 2007. He is a senior staff specialist at Campbelltown and Camden Public Hospitals, and a VMO at Campbelltown Private Hospital. He is a conjoint lecturer in University of Western Sydney School of Medicine.

His clinical interests include musculoskeletal medicine, chronic pain management, orthopaedic rehabilitation, neurorehabilitation, spasticity management, and geriatric rehabilitation. He is a supervisor for the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine registrar training program.