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Occupational Therapy

Empowerment Through Occupation

For all ages! Our occupational therapist (OT) helps people of all ages to participate in the activities they need and want to do, despite any physical, cognitive, or emotional challenges they may face.

Occupational therapy helps people recover from physical or mental illness, so they can participate in the activities they want and need to do. At Specialist Medical and Therapy solutions our client centered allied health professionals help people of all ages, from children to adults to the elderly, to participate in all aspects of everyday life. From working, taking care of yourself at home, to hobbies and interests. We call these activities ‘occupations’. These activities occupy our time and bring quality and purpose to life.

Our occupational therapist can visit you at your home or work and provide an ongoing assessment of what you do and the things that are important to you including any issues you may be having. The aim being to allow you to participate in the occupations you need and want to do as independently and as safely as possible. These environments will be assessed by our occupational therapist who has a wide knowledge in disability and illness. He or she can also provide advice on home modifications and therapy equipment, or even adjusting the activity itself. Your safety will always be a priority.

Our occupational therapists have experience in neuro-rehabilitation and are able to work with people experiencing limitations as a result of an acquired brain injury (Head Injury, Stroke etc.) or a neurological disorder (Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease etc.). The rehabilitation aims to maximise participation in any chosen daily activities such as shopping, dressing, or succeeding in work/studies.

We also provide Occupational Therapy Interventions that are goal directed working towards client and family centered outcomes.

Peter Petrou our Occupational Therapists is completely passionate about the ‘occupation’ in occupational therapy, empowering clients to engage in the activities that matter to them. He will give advice on specialised equipment, its safe use and purchase information in regard to suppliers of appropriate equipment. As an experienced therapist he will be able to identify any safety issues; falls hazard spots around the home, and provide falls education information.

Pete has worked in a variety of acute and rehabilitation settings and has gained a wide base of clinical experience in stroke, acquired brain injury, chronic neurological conditions, orthopaedics, amputees, mental health, aged care and palliative care.

Pete provides assessment and therapy to adults and children with the following areas of difficulty:

For adults:

  • Activities of daily living, including management of personal hygiene, dressing, and grooming. meal planning and preparation, cleaning and home maintenance. Therapy may be conducted in the home.
  • Upper limb deficits as a result of stroke, brain injury, progressive neurological disease or traumatic orthopaedic injury. Therapy will focus on retraining in relation to functional activities.
  • Upper limb spasticity
  • Cognitive dysfunction as a result of stroke, brain injury, progressive neurological disease or aged related illness. Assessments and therapy in relation to daily functional activities, comprehensive reports as requested for third parties i.e. guardianship tribunal. Assessment and therapy may be conducted in the home.
  • Fatigue/ Pain as a result of neurological dysfunction, oncology, cardiac or respiratory conditions.
  • Falls including risk screening, education on prevention, home assessments and equipment prescription.

and children

  • Handwriting
  • School readiness
  • Play skills
  • Social engagement
  • Self care