Dr Rita Nyanga

Dr Rita Nyanga



Clinics: Macarthur Paediatric Specialists

Dr Rita Nyanga has worked in General Paediatrics in Africa, United Kingdom and currently in Australia. She did her specialist training in the UK and Australia where she has worked for Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, mainly in Westmead. She has also worked in regional hospitals and in the private sector. Her passion is to see children reach their fullest potential in their lives and live comfortably with their families.

She has vast experience in a range of Paediatric conditions, from all newly born problems including crying babies, reflux, colic, allergies, Eczema, feeding issues, poor weight gain, abdominal pains, constipation and obesity. She sees children with Asthma and chronic sinusitis and other chest problems. She has a special interest in dealing with children who have behavioural problems and disorders such as ADHD, ODD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, anxiety issues including developmental delay in speech or Global delay.

During her 15 years of practising, she has participated in teaching medical students, junior doctors and recently did a research on views of Healthcare professionals on delivery of healthcare to ATSI in the Sydney Children’s hospital Network.

Dr Rita has always always wanted to help children. She sees them as ‘most in need and vulnerable small persons regardless of where they are. When it comes to help, at times a child needs help beyond the help they receive from their families’.

Dr Rita works closely with parents and families –  ‘Children are simply the most innocent creatures who express themselves in many ways; crying, smiles, claps, chuckles, laughing, etc. Being able to use all these expressions to understand what’s going on in a child’s body or life and then partnering with their families to ensure both the child and parent/carer are smiling is one of my greatest joys’.

Her philosophy is  ‘The greatest favour a parent can do for their child and themselves, in my view, would be living an exemplary life as a model. Kids pick up habits from adults and so I would encourage parents or care givers to be available and provide guidance for the young ones’.

In her free time she loves photography, finds beauty in nature and captures it to display to others. She believes people don’t need so much of artificial things to find a sense of joy and wonder. She loves to travel, seeing new places and making friends.

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