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Moustafa Raad

Moustafa Raad

Masters of Podiatric Medicine | Bachelor of Health Science


Clinics: Podiatry

Moustafa is a very passionate podiatrist who enjoys working with people of all ages. Moustafa has a Bachelors in Health Sciences and Masters in Podiatric Medicine which he completed at the University of Western Sydney. Since graduating he has worked in many different aspects of podiatry including; paediatrics, sports podiatry, geriatrics and the diabetic foot. Moustafa has competed at many high levels of sports and has taken his experience on the field to help treat and prevent injuries in athletes, children and adults.

Moustafa regularly attends workshops and seminars to expand his knowledge and treatment options to provide the best outcome and results for his patients.

Moustafa’s drive to pursue podiatry is his love for sports and helping people improve their overall well-being and quality of life. Whilst Moustafa is very knowledgeable about the variety of all common issues relating to the lower limb, he has a keen interest for lower limb biomechanics, treating flat feet and knee pain, paediatric patients suffering from in-toeing and out-toeing, prescribing custom made orthotics and assisting patients with work related injuries, allowing them to return to their full potential.

Moustafa Raad is a registered NDIS service provider.

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